Our Scope of action

Les différents domaines d'expertise d'ADAF Cameroun

Our Scope of action

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    ADAF ensures the promotion and institutional development of the micro banks MC2 and MUFFA through:

    • Training;
    • Accounting and computer assistance (Management Information System: MIS.);
    • Controls and Audits;
    • Support for the elaboration of management procedures, loans policies and human resource management;
    • Support for research and the development of projects;
    • etc.

    ADAF ensures finally the Executive Secretariat of the Association of MC2 and MUFFA (AMC2) since 2003..

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    In the domain of agriculture, ADAF:

    • Ensures the training and mentoring of farmers and livestock breeders at the level of FEBO (Ferme Ecole de Boukué) in Baham;
    • Provides technical assistance in the financing of agro-pastoral activities and collaborates in this direction with MINADER in the implementation of the Support Project for theDevelopment of Microfinance Institutions MC2/MUFFA (PAD-MC2/MUFFA)
    • Accompany the populations and the MC2 in the setting up of producer cooperatives and the promotion of contractual farming,
    • etc.
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    Research and Consulting

    ADAF carries out research and provides consultancy services in the following areas: .

    • Research and studies on microfinance, micro insurance and development issues;
    • Feasibility studies/business plan, impact assessment;
    • Development of innovative products and services;
    • Identification, analysis and evaluation of projects;
    • Audit of microfinance institutions and development organizations;
    • Support-counseling in the field of management;
    • studies in the field of microinsurance and support for the establishment of mutual health schemes;
    • Studies and setting up of producers’ cooperatives;
    • etc.
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    ADAF carries out social and humanitarian actions essentially in the domains of:

    • Health, (construction and equipment of Health Centers and promotion of Mutual Health schemes (MHO) within the MC2);
    • Support to the education of the youths;
    • Support to the very underprivileged populations;
    • The promotion of women’s activities;
    • The promotion and the preservation of cultural heritage and national languages;
    • etc.
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    In the field of technology, ADAF supports:.

    • Research, studies and vocational training of youths in the field of wood works (ADAF Bois, located at Soa in the outskirts of Yaounde)
    • The training of youths in the field of management, sciences and technology, in partnership with various research centers and universities like; PK Fokam Institute of Excellence, partner of the Southern Polytechnic State University of Marieta; Georgia (SPSU)-USA and the Henan University of Science and technology China.
    • etc.
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    In the domain of communication, ADAF: .

    • Publishes the news magazine «The Challenge of the Poor», specialized in microfinance, microenterprise and development;
    • Provides counseling support to institutions in the field of communication and the design of communication and advertising gadgets.
    • manages websites, like that of ADAF
Photos de bénéficiaires des mutuelles de microfinance soutenues par ADAF Cameroun

Some key actions

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    MC2 are micro banks for rural development, created and managed by the populations of their area of implantation, with the technical assistance of ADAF and under the patronage of Afriland First Bank.

    The first MC2 was created in 1992. On October 31st, 2018, 123 MC2 are operational and are spread over the entire national territory. They touch today more than 1.2 million persons directly and indirectly through groups and associations. Many more units (about thirty) are being created.

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    MUFFA Cameroun is a category 1 Microfinance Institution whose aim is to provide financial services to low-income women and those of the informal sector living in towns and semi-urban areas. Created at the initiative of WINC (Women Investment Club), it is managed by the women and receives the technical assistance of ADAF and the patronage of Afriland First Bank.

    MUFFA that was created in 1998 in Yaoundé is today a network constituted of a central organ (MUFFA Cameroon) and 4 MUFFA units (Yaounde, Douala, Bafoussam and Buea). As of October 31st, 2018, the MUFFA network had touched more than 40,000 women persons directly and indirectly through groups and associations. In perspective, there will soon be the opening of MUFFA Tiko.

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    MIT FUND (Micro Trust Fund)

    MIT FUND is a venture capital fund for micro projects and small-scale enterprises, developed with the assistance of ADAF, with the view to meeting capital financial needs. MIT FUND also benefits from the support of partners like Afriland First Bank, CORDAID, GTZ, etc.

    Since its creation in the year 2000, MIT FUND has financed about 400 micro entrepreneurs.

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    Mutual Health / Micro insurance

    Since 2006, ADAF has embarked on a number of actions aiming at facilitating the access of the populations to quality and low-cost health care. In this wise, it has launched with the MC2:

    • Mutual Health schemes in their areas of implantation (Menoua and Moungo);
    • Community-based Micro insurance health products, like «Savings for Health Microcredit» in MCMC2.
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    Producers Cooperatives

    ADAF undertook the structuring of the rural world by bringing together farmers with the collaboration of MC2 to organize themselves into cooperatives and associations of producers. These cooperatives facilitate:

    • The access to financing through the group lending mechanism;
    • The access to equipment and agricultural input (fertilizers, feed, etc.)
    • The marketing of agricultural products.

    More than a dozen cooperatives have already been created in the zones of implantation of MC2.