About ADAF

siège social d'ADAF Cameroun


ADAF (Appropriate Development for Africa Foundation) is a nonprofit making organization, at the service of microfinance and sustainable development. Created in 1992, it was authorized to operate in Cameroon in 1994 by order N° 0336/MINAT/DAF/SDLP/SAC of 30/11/1994 of the Ministry of Territorial Administration (MINAT).

Our Partners

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    Afriland Fist Bank
    Assurance SAAR
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    The Cameroonian government

    Logo Ministère de l'agriculture et du développement rural du Cameroun
    Logo du Ministère de l’Élevage des Pêches et Industries Animales
    Logo du Ministère des finance Cameroun
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    Finance for Development logo
    Organisation non gouvernementale Cordaid
    Gatsby Foundation
    Misereor Logo
    Plan international ONG
    Peace Corps Logo
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    International universities

    Logo Southern Polytechnic State University
    Logo University of Hohenheim
    Logo Henan University of Technology
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    Cameroonian universities

    Logo de PKFokam Institute of Excellence
    Logo université Catholique de Yaoundé
    Logo université de Yaoundé 1 Cameroun
    Logo université Yaoundé 2 Soa
    Logo université de Dschang
    Logo université de Douala
    Logo Université de Ngaounderé

Our objectives

  • Train and help African farmers to improve on their living conditions, through actions aimed at:
    • Accessing techniques and banking facilities within the scope of its cultural and religious tradition,
    • Providing services to the rural areas with its active participation,
    • Improving health, education and rural production conditions;
  • Encourage the formation of solidarity groups among rural populations in order to commonly accept the challenges of their development together;
  • Promote women’s activities;
  • Encourage, facilitate and support research, oriented towards the transformation and valorization of local materials and the development of microfinance;
  • Promote the development of micro enterprises by the underprivileged strata of the urban and rural areas in Africa;
  • Ensure the prosperity of its members.